Jodi Sta. Maria

This big-time collaboration featured a pandemic must-have!

For many of us fighting on in this pandemic, having a reliable OTC drug as a remedy for common ailments like body aches, headache and fever is a must in any household. With our job often requiring the team to brave the outside to shoot for our clients, we know this necessity all too well. Which is why when we were approached by the seasoned ad agency, Ogilvy, for their Biogesic campaign with top-billing actress Jodi Santa Maria, we were over the moon for the opportunity!

The team was informed that the shoot’s photos would be used nationwide in the Philippines, featured in point of sales banners and standees found in leading drugstores such as Watsons, Mercury Drug, and SM Department stores all over the country. With leading talent such as Miss Santa Maria and members from the Senior Art Team of Ogilvy Philippines on deck, Stellar Studios put its best foot forward with our Senior Photographer Rebecca van Ommen heading things on our end.

The Importance of Crafting Your Concept

If we had to choose three words to sum up this campaign’s production, it would be ‘collaboration’, ‘creativity’, and ‘care’. With this campaign being an interesting ‘Meeting of the Minds’ between ourselves and Ogilvy, we wanted to capitalize on Biogesic’s tagline as the focal point of our concept. ‘Ingat’ means “(To) Take Care” in Filipino—a feeling we wanted to evoke despite the more technical nature of the product as medication or pain relief for symptoms like body ache, fevers, and headaches. Because of this, the persona of Jodi Santa Maria as a kind and loving parent was vital in getting our point across to our target market.

Put Your Heart Into It

Unilab Biogesic - Jodi Sta. Maria

(Jodi) Santa Maria’s warm gaze and kind smile evoke familiar feelings of motherly, or sisterly love. Compounding the styling of her outfit and makeup with her heart-inspired poses such as the finger heart or the open, heart-shaped, palms– communicated a soft, warm, presence that reminds you to take care not only of yourself but also your loved ones in these trying times.

The combination of natural warmth from talented makeup artist Lala Flores, the commitment of producer Dhang Santiago, and finally, the creative layout and use by the Senior Art Team members of Ogilvy through Jhem Manalang and Noah Valdez, were the perfect addition to the Stellar Studios team in getting this campaign off the ground and communicate what Biogesic was all about.

To us, Biogesic is more than just an over the counter solution for flu-like symptoms. For our concept, we wanted to let Biogesic shine for what it truly is—an expression of care from a loved one that is concerned for your well-being.

Scroll down for the published work of the finished product, as well as an exclusive look behind the scenes of our favorite moments from the shoot!

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