Dior Lipstick - Silver

Snag some learnings you might need for capturing high-end subjects!

Few things in life feel quite as luxurious as a high-end tube of rouge. So, when were tasked by world-class beauty and fashion powerhouse Dior to create a composition for Dior Worldwide, we simply could not pass up the opportunity!

While some clients come to us with nothing particular in mind for their concept, Dior was very clear about how they wanted a dynamic shot of the lipstick plunging into the water. This kind of shoot involves a high level of technical skill, and the high-end nature of the products to be advertised also require a high caliber of clarity and crispness for their image. Because of this, Stellar Studios’ very own Senior Photographer and founder was the woman-in-charge behind the lens! Joining her in this impressive duo was Paperboat’s Senior Photo Retoucher, Jenn Pajo. Together, the two were a formidable force that could elevate this high-end concept and bring it to life.

Submerging Crisp Detail

High-end products exude an air of class and sophistication. Dior’s packaging is timelessly elegant, making it a joy for us to capture their commitment to fine design and detail. However, the concept we came up with as well as the level of clarity that we felt befitted the items made it apparent to the Stellar Studio Team that we had to shoot the products and water separately rather than actually plunging the lipstick into the water’s surface. In the end, we went with separate shots in an aquarium for the water’s ripples and bubbles, and separate still shots for the products to retain the crispness of the product’s image quality even if it was edited to look submerged under the water’s surface.

Mesmerizing Crystal Clarity

One of the high-end lipsticks we had to photograph came with a mesmerizing holographic finish that was stunning in person, but tricky to capture. The team needed five lights with plenty of small white flags or reflectors to retain the highly metallic and reflective look of the product’s packaging. The end result was an ethereal, holographic tube that would make any beauty enthusiast hit ‘Add to Cart’. In order to achieve this, our retouching team actually merged several shots of the product together. This was so we could retain as much detail and information from the Dior logo as possible.

To achieve the stunning finished pieces for the Dior Worldwide marketing material, our partners over at Paperboat Creative worked their magic for the final post edit. Sneak a peek at the classy, finished products that Dior continues to use for its worldwide campaigns today!

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