Professional Jewelry Photography is Trickier Than You Might Think

Shooting jewelry for both online and offline businesses and marketing material is easier said than done. From preventing fingerprints from smearing pristine gold and silver bands and chains, to minimizing glare from the prismatic properties of precious stones – professional jewelry photography studios know precisely how to tackle these problems from the get-go.

Meet your business needs from start to finish with a full-service professional jewelry photography service. Here at Stellar Studios, our team of experts has you covered from jewelry styling to post-production.

Let the gold glitter and the silver sparkle just right by partnering with a commercial jewelry photography team that creates a conducive shoot for capturing your pieces in full, high-resolution detail.

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Why Hire a Professional Jewelry Photography Company?

Many challenges can arise when taking photos of jewelry. If you want to capture a stunning piece of jewelry in its full glory, partnering with a professional jewelry photography studio is your best bet for consistent and high-quality photos across your marketing and social media material.

Professional jewelry photography relies on more than just beautiful jewelry pieces. A successful shoot requires the right conditions for beautiful photos to be taken.

From your lighting setup to proper jewelry handling with gloves and appropriate tools, a studio that specializes in commercial jewelry photography can capture every detail from even the most intricate jewelry pieces.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Jewelry Photography Services

Partnering with a team of experts is essential when working with something as lucrative as professional jewelry photography. Capturing jewelry requires the tried and tested skill of an experienced jewelry photography studio to showcase the best angles of your pieces in crisp quality while remaining faithful to your creative direction.

Below are some of the features that you and your team can enjoy by partnering with a commercial jewelry photography expert that can create stunning jewelry visuals that do your pieces justice.

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Higher Quality Content

Jewelry pieces are considered a luxury item– belonging to the subcategory of haute couture clothing items. When marketing items of such quality, it is important to do them justice and create campaigns that are geared towards the right target market. By investing in professional jewelry photography for your brand, you can create and curate an elevated brand and marketing strategy for your jewelry products online.

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More Time for What Matters

Like any other fashion brand, ideation, production, and business operations are a big part of running your jewelry business successfully. While some businesses have dedicated marketing departments, not all jewelers have in-house creative. Save yourself the time and trouble required by partnering with a jewelry photography studio that can do the work for you. Simply talk us through your ideas and do what you do best for your business while we work our magic.

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Better Social Reach

By leveling up the quality of your work through outsourced professional jewelry photography services, you can increase the likeliness of your posts making their way to timelines and feeds of potential buyers. Attractive online assets increase your chances of online engagement and stand the chance to attract more followers to your various social platforms.These followers can stay tuned to various sales and promotions that you post to your feed and lead them to visit brick and mortar sites or get in touch with your online e-commerce channels.

A Professional Jewelry Photography Studio Makes All the Difference

Your jewelry pieces are a stunning product of your team’s hard work. Professional jewelry photography is not just an investment for the marketability of your products— they are also a homage to every step of your obra’s production. Create marketing material that is fit for a magazine by choosing a partner to bring your vision to life through our end-to-end professional jewelry photography services.

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An Art Form of its Own: Commercial Jewelry Photography

Stellar Studios handles diverse clientele, giving us a chance to build an impressive repertoire of satisfied customers and valuable experience in styling. capturing, and processing different types of subjects.

From standalone product shots, to intricate shoots with hired models, our jewelry photography company composed of seasoned professionals will always rise to the occasion and execute your concept to perfection.

Unlike other jewelry photography studios that only offer photography and post-processing services, we offer everything you need for your jewelry shoot from start to finish.

With Stellar Studios, you get excellent quality of work under a single roof.

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