We are a team of visual storytellers with a dedication to our craft

At Stellar Studios, our team is dedicated to providing top notch end-to-end photography services to all our clients by bringing our A-game to every project that comes our way. We will strive to meet all of your professional photography needs with our team of experienced creatives.

Partners, not Providers

Helmed by our founder Rebecca, Stellar Studios is a diverse team of passionate and experienced photographers and digital artists. As committed creative professionals, we see ourselves as our clients’ partners in getting their goals and concepts off the ground by providing top notch skill and end-to-end services. For every project thrown our way, the Stellar Studios team is dedicated to working with our clients in bringing their ideas to life and delivering only the best results from pre-production and all the way down to post-production.

About Our Founder

Meet our chief creative! Born Dutch-Nepali, Rebecca was once the youngest of only four Senior Art Directors of Getty Images London. With valuable experience managing Europe’s top commercial photographers, Rebecca has played an integral role for the award-winning collections of Photonica and Stone / Stone +.

As the proud owner of a portfolio filled to the brim with works featured in famous art publications like Wired Magazine, Campaign UK, and Creative Arts magazine, this seasoned celebrity photographer has taken home a number of coveted photography awards. Since then, Rebecca has combined her zest for creativity and quirkiness with her extensive creative experience to lead the Stellar Studios team with a capable and hands-on approach that fosters teamwork and dedication to the craft.

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