Seagrams 7 Whiskey

Snapping the perfect shot was easy with a shot of Seagrams 7 whiskey.

Ever up to the challenge, Stellar Studios jumped at the chance to work on a campaign for Seagram’s – a new, light flavored whiskey out in the market that is being distributed by the international beverage giant, Diageo. With its new release out into the local Filipino market, the Seagram team needed a fresh set of photos that really captured the vibe of their target audience. These shots were also set for use in Seagram PH’s mini stories on their social media accounts.

Seagrams 7 Whiskey campaign layout

Being the new whiskey on the block, Seagram’s target audience is best described as young professionals that weren’t heavy drinkers. The brand visualized casual drinkers that would enjoy the gentle taste and palatable mouth feel of a light whiskey like Seagram’s as the brand’s primary market—friends that could enjoy the spirit in a very light and casual atmosphere while chatting and catching up.

The Stellar Studios team created different scenarios of young friends that were hanging out and enjoying their time together; a bonding experience made better with the addition of Seagram’s whiskey. Some of our concepts included friends staying at home to play video games together. Another familiar scenario that the team wanted was of a young professional working from home, enjoying a drink in the late afternoon as his day of work winds down to a close.

Our concepts of Seagram were as fun as they were diverse—with some of our models running around a supermarket, and our final set of photos depicting friends sharing a drink together at a home bar. The Stellar Studios team was able to deliver five completely different scenes, and about 500 snapshots of great moments of interaction between the friends. For us, these photos best captured the sense of bonding and familiarity that Seagram was meant to bring.

Seagrams 7 Whiskey shot glass

For this local release of a big global name, our senior photographer Rebecca van Ommen led the team’s journey in collaborating with the Seagram team and their ad agency, Ad Spark for a light-hearted and fun campaign that the Stellar Studios team truly enjoyed crafting.

Scroll down for the final products of the shoot for a familiar dose of nostalgia and a look at the kind of vibe that Seagram’s whiskey will deliver!

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