Barman Amaretto Sour

This lifestyle shoot was a fun exercise that required plenty of creativity.

Recently, local rum powerhouse Tanduay reached out to the Stellar Studios team to create a fun selection of lifestyle and product shots for their newest release. Barman by Tanduay is a diverse selection of ready mixed flavored rum, coming in variations like Amaretto, Black Coffee, and Citrus and Lime. Its wide range of flavors was definitely a fun challenge for the Stellar Studios team in terms of our creativity and diversity. But we like to think that we more than delivered!

Mix and Match

Barman Black Russian

With a large, 800 square foot space in our Ayala-based studio, our team was able to split into two groups that carried out simultaneous shoots to maximize the day. Team One had our Senior Photographer Rebecca van Ommen leading the charge for a selection of lifestyle photos. Choreographing and capturing snapshots of the models enjoying their time together with Tanduay Barman at their side, Team One was all about showcasing the kind of fun that Tanduay Barman can add to a casual get-together. The lifestyle photos had to be diverse and easy to shoot so that the client could utilize a good mix of photos for their social media campaigns.

On the other hand, Team Two was led by our Stellar Studios photographer, Vernard Buce! Teamed up with our talented in-house stylists Gian Martinez and Farrah Adarga, the team created stunning flat lays of the products, with relevant material that really captured their flavors surrounding the periphery. We really wanted the products to pop, so a combination of suitable props and bright backgrounds for the product photos created a combination that was pleasing to the eyes of both uninitiated rum drinkers and rum connoisseurs.

Diversity on Display

Barman Dark and Stormy

With only one day to shoot and our manpower strategically divided into two, we had to get creative and efficient with the shots that we took. We wanted a diverse set of assets for our client to choose from, but with collaboration and imagination, our team pulled through for the Tanduay Barman campaign. Though our creativity and grit for such a jam-packed day at the studio was challenged, it was definitely a fun day of work that we can’t forget.

Scroll down to see the shoot credits, as well as our finished concepts and final shots for both lifestyle and product photos that we created in partnership with Barman’s ad agency, Ad Spark!

Photographer: Rebecca van Ommen

Assistant Photographer: Vernard Buce

Client: Tanduay Barman

Ad Agency: Ad Spark

Account Manager: Giles

Project Manager: Gian Martinez

Assistants: Farrah Adarga, Fatima Tagao

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