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10 Lifestyle Photography Ideas to Bring Out Your Most Authentic Self

Do you need creative ideas for lifestyle photography? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. As a brand, Stellar Studios is a big fan of lifestyle photography because it presents a wonderful way to tell a story, whether it’s for keepsakes or commercial purposes.

In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite ideas for lifestyle photoshoots alongside tried-and-tested tips to help you capture stunning and genuine lifestyle photos.

Lifestyle Photography Ideas

The best way to capture authentic lifestyle photos is by capturing your subject as they move. Place your subjects in a context where they can be their true self. Check out these 10 ideas for your next lifestyle photoshoot:

1. In the Comfort of Their Home

What better way to show your subject’s lifestyle than to show them in their home? Do a photoshoot of your client or their family doing everyday activities like cooking, watching TV, or dining.

Although it may seem like you’re photographing mundane activities, you’re actually recording their life as it really is, as well as their predicaments, which helps build the narrative, at that point in time.

2. Do an Unusual Activity

If you’re taking pictures of a group or a family, an effective way to reveal their group dynamics is through activities. The activity can be something they regularly do together or something entirely new – to make it more exciting. This presents an opportunity for the camera lens to witness sweet and silly moments that are worth capturing.

Some examples of activities are gardening, arts and crafts, cooking or baking, playing board games, or having a picnic.

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3. Document Milestones

There are so many possibilities when you think about taking photos of milestones, especially for families. Milestones like being a first-time parent, getting a pet, first Christmases, first birthdays, and anniversaries, to name a few, are memories you would want to treasure.

These milestones—big or small—can provide interesting scenarios for your lifestyle photos. Milestones also give you the opportunity to capture many different emotions, which would make for an interesting set of pictures.

4. Feature Their Creative Process

Another photography idea for lifestyle shoots is to showcase their hobby or work. You can take pictures of your subject while they are immersed in their work—one of the most genuine manifestations of passion.

This is a great idea for musicians, artists, craftsmen, and performers, as well as home cooks, knitters, gardeners, and the like.

5. Do an Outdoor Activity

The great outdoors presents dozens of opportunities while also letting you play with natural light. You can take photos while your subjects hike, swim, or play a sport. You could also do more relaxed activities like going on a picnic or resting on a beach.

Outdoor activities could also involve plenty of movement, so you don’t have to direct poses as much. Simultaneously, this idea can add variety to your photos since you can also showcase nature in them.

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6. Let Them Play

If you want your pictures to be more dynamic, let clients have fun. Kids can feel more relaxed, and thus, genuinely candid in their expressions, making your photos bring these light-hearted emotions to life.

On the other hand, bringing out the child in adults can make your pictures infinitely more interesting. You’ll capture real interactions and touching moments while both kids and adults are at play.

7. Play with Pets

If you’re a pet owner, you surely love and treat your pets as family. So, why not include them in your lifestyle photoshoot?

Capture sweet moments between your subject and their pets—whether they’re cuddling or playing with each other, bathing, or simply doing their own thing in the same room. All these are great opportunities for lifestyle photography.

You can use different settings for photoshoots with pets as well. You can do it in their home, at a pet-friendly park, or even on a beach. Taking pictures with pets is sure to bring out a charming element to your shoots.

8. Let Children’s Curiosity Lead

A common challenge when taking pictures of children is getting them to relax. This is why when working with children, we love to keep the shoot unstaged.

If possible, hold the shoot in an environment where they’re comfortable and can explore, such as a park or a playground, and let them go. Don’t tell them what to do. Instead, follow them with your camera as they discover new things.

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9. A Day in an Amusement Park

Amusement parks bring out the child in everyone. There are so many different ways to have fun in an amusement park, which is why it’s a great lifestyle photoshoot idea for families, groups of friends, and couples.

Spend the day in an amusement park and take pictures of the group chatting while they walk or wait for rides, or when you’re screaming on a rollercoaster, bumping cars, eating, and watching fireworks.

A lifestyle photoshoot in an amusement park is a great way to showcase their bond as a family, couple, or group of friends. There will be lots of smiles, colors, and action in your photoshoot for sure.

10. Sports in Action

If your subject is active or an athlete, consider holding the shoot while they practice or play their sport.

You’ll be in on plenty of action and excitement for this type of lifestyle photoshoot. You may also capture the competitive or synergistic bond with their friends or teammates.

Depending on the sport, you may be taking pictures indoors or outdoors. Either way, you’re sure to capture real emotions and dynamic movements.

Tips for Better Lifestyle Photos

If you’re aware of what is lifestyle photography, then you know that capturing candid moments can be challenging. Apart from your knowledge of photography fundamentals, you’ll need to be able to evoke and capture people’s real selves.

Here are some ways that help us do this:

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Get to Know Your Subject

There are plenty of creative ideas for lifestyle photography, but it’s important to find the one that will work best with your subject. Consider their personality and interests, as well as their comfort level in front of the camera.

This way, you’ll also build rapport with your subjects and help them feel more comfortable with you.

Focus on Action, Not Poses

With other types of photography, the photographer often directs the position and poses. In lifestyle photography, you have better chances of capturing authenticity when you direct action instead of poses.

By giving your subjects an activity or action, they can move in their own way. They can let go and be more vulnerable in front of your camera.

Incorporate the Environment

The environment plays a vital role in lifestyle photography, especially for subjects you’re photographing in their own space. Showing your subjects in their personal space or interacting with their environment adds depth to a lifestyle photo. Small details like a tool or a toy could also help you complete the story.

Incorporating the environment in the photo, not just as background, will help you establish the photo’s context.

Take Lots of Pictures

To capture authenticity, you need to be ready for unexpected moments. Don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures as your subject moves. Take pictures of moments in between, too. You may even start taking pictures before the photoshoot officially starts.

Taking lots of pictures will also encourage you to take on different viewpoints and angles. This way, you’ll have more options to choose the angle that works best for the shot.

Be Light on the Post-Production

As a photographer, you want your photos to be perfect. This may prompt you to make some edits in post-production.

While post-production retouching is great, it’s best to keep it minimal to stay true to the idea of lifestyle photography. You may adjust the contrast, lights and shadows, or the angles, but avoid major changes like removing elements in the photo.

Get a Professional to Take Your Lifestyle Photos

With phones having great lenses and professional cameras available, it’s definitely possible to do your own lifestyle photoshoot on your own. You can try the ideas and tips that we shared or add your own flavor and style.

However, if you want truly artistic and genuine photos, it is always best to ask a professional lifestyle photographer to step in. These photographers have the skillset, experience, and tools to execute your vision beautifully.

When it comes to lifestyle photography, Stellar Studios can help you showcase these moments of vulnerability. We do commercial lifestyle photography for businesses, companies, and artists, as well as lifestyle photography for individuals and families.

Capture Your Authentic Self with Stellar Studios

Photography is not always staged and posed. You can capture moments worth turning into memories through these 10 lifestyle photoshoot ideas. With the right skills and enough creativity, you can capture your family in portraits, showcase the real you in your brand, and many more.

Stellar Studios can help you conceive and execute lifestyle shoot concepts for your family, group, project, or brand.

Talk to us about your lifestyle photography vision today.

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