Christmas Product Photography Ideas to Make Your Items Look Festive

It’s the most wonderful time for eCommerce businesses! Christmas isn’t just the season of giving. The holiday season is a particularly competitive time for online stores because more and more people are making purchases online. So, how do you stand out from the competition? With Christmas product photography ideas, of course!

Want more sales conversions during this holiday season? These experts at Stellar Studios share their ideas for creating sales-driving Christmas product photography for your eCommerce store!

Christmas Product Shoot Ideas

Christmas product photography is similar to other types of eCommerce product photography. The only difference is that they’re festive and in accordance with the holiday season. Most online stores revamp their websites around the holidays to make them feel more joyful.

Holiday-themed websites give customers a sense of excitement. From a marketing angle, the Christmas decor gives them the feeling that they need to buy a particular product for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones. This is why Christmas campaigns and promos are fantastic advertising strategies.

Here are Christmas product photography ideas you can apply to your eCommerce website:

1. Add Christmas colors to your product images

Adding Christmas colors to your product photos is a great way to bring in the holiday spirit. Most of the time, eCommerce stores capture products on white or neutral-colored backgrounds to let the products be the center of attention. Customers might find the product photos dull and boring if this is still happening during the holiday season. Add holiday-themed colors like red, green, and gold to your product photos to avoid this.

If your product is light in color, you might want to use a red or green background that goes with it. Make it more appealing by adding gold accents to the set to really bring in the Christmas spirit. This Christmas product photography idea will convince potential buyers that your product would make an excellent present for their loved ones and themselves.

2. Make use of models to give personality to Christmas shots

Imagine a steamy hot chocolate product positioned in front of the fireplace. This may give you a warm and cozy feeling but it’s not enough to convince customers. To give your Christmas product pictures character, make use of models. Models add to the story you want to convey in your product p. For example, use models such as a person drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. After seeing this, customers can envision themselves in a particular setting. This will also convince them to try the product and experience the same feeling during the holidays.

3. Set up a holiday scene


Another way to do your Christmas product shots is to create a festive scene. You can get more people interested in your products by shooting them in a holiday setting, but this depends on the types of product photography you plan to do. For instance, you can create a story about how your products are used during the holidays.

Take the Coca-Cola product as an example. Coca-cola isn’t a seasonal product. However, Coca-Cola products are always associated with Christmas. Throughout the years, their holiday marketing strategy convinces customers that drinking Coca-Cola brings people closer together. Whether in the form of commercials or Christmas product photos, Coca-Cola never failed to associate its products with the holiday season.

You can do that for your products too. For instance, if you’re an online store selling kitchen equipment, create a product scene where your items are used for cooking holiday food. Produce a Christmas product photo where models use the kitchen equipment to make a festive meal. This will convey the message that potential customers can cook delectable Christmas feasts using your products.

4. Use props and themes reminiscent of the holidays

Choose holiday props and themes that align with your brand and keep them cohesive. Taking these steps will result in product photos with a more celebratory tone. If you’re selling mugs, you can add Christmas props to your product photos, like pine tree branches, Christmas balls, and garlands. Style them in a way that your product is still the center of attention.

When it comes to themes, pick ones suited for the holidays. If you’re selling mugs, try a cozy cabin theme. Tell a story where a model uses a mug to drink hot beverages while relaxing in a cabin to combat the chill of the holidays. This will give customers an idea of how they can use your products for the holidays.

5. Play with fake snow

A snowy or frosty product look can be very effective for many eCommerce stores. Fake snow, available online, can be a fun prop for your Christmas product photography. If you have the time, you can create snow using different methods. Additionally, photo-editing apps can add a realistic dusting of snow during post-production.

If you’re interested in this idea for Christmas product photography, make sure to add cozy and appropriate props. Using only snow is too cold and dull for a holiday photo shoot.  Play around with various Christmas and winter accessories to find a clever set design for your product.

6. Use textured backgrounds to give character to your products

Add a textured background to your Christmas product photography to make it more appealing to potential buyers. A lively background elevates a photo and entices users to buy something.

You can choose different texture patterns for your product photos. Choose something new and exciting or stick with a classic.  You can even use a wood grain texture and add Christmas props like Yuletide balls or pine tree branches to get the holiday spirit in your photos. If you can’t decide which ones to pick, Stellar Studios will help you find the best ones for your brand..

7. Create a flat lay with holiday props

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Flat lay photography is a trend these days. A flat lay is an overhead shot of a product. This strategy is useful for displaying various products at once while associating them with appropriate seasonal elements.

The flat lay format is a great way to show off fashion or beauty products in photos with a Christmas theme. If your company sells t-shirts, taking an exciting picture of a single shirt lying flat on a table can be challenging. Instead, put a cup of hot tea or pine cones next to it for a more realistic Christmas atmosphere. Furthermore, any product photography camera will do the trick as long as you design your flat lay accordingly.

8. Invest in high-quality product photography.

To really capture the hearts of many customers this Christmas season, it’s best to work with photography companies specializing in commercial product photography.

A photography company like Stellar Studios produces top-notch Christmas product photography that suits the needs of your eCommerce business. Stellar Studios can accommodate any Christmas idea you have for your products. Our professional photographers can capture every detail in a way that is accurate and appealing to your target market.

Whether you’re revamping your eCommerce store for the holidays or just want to maximize your online store’s potential, Stellar Studios will be glad to help you.

Let Stellar Studios Make Your Christmas Product Photography Ideas a Reality

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. We not only get gifts from our friends and family, but we also earn more from our online businesses. All of this is possible with incredible Christmas product photography.

Have you got any Christmas product shoot ideas in mind? Contact Stellar Studios today, and let’s bring your festive concepts to life!

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