Corporate Photography lets you craft a brand for your company!

Professional corporate photography is typically used to create marketing assets that promote a company, as well as its offerings and services. While some might use this in order to push sales, professional corporate photography is typically utilized by companies to craft a carefully curated brand for their company and its culture.

With social media platforms becoming a site of first contact for applicants and business partners, more and more companies scramble to create an online presence that embodies who they are. From the values and work ethic, to the specialization they represent, corporate photography services are in demand now more than ever.

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Why Hire a Corporate Photography Company?

Ever wondered what the general public thought of your company? Find out with a quick browser search and consider if you like what you are seeing.

Corporate photography is about being able to craft a strong brand  for your company, both online and offline. The marketing assets that you gain from a corporate photography studio can be used across different digital and print media forms at your on-site office location, while also seeing valuable use online on your company website and social media channels.

Under the right corporate photography studio, corporate photography can help your company shape its own narrative by telling a story of what your company can do and how it treats its people. This is especially valuable in an age where public opinion and online awareness can make or break  the success of an institution.

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Photography Service

Professional corporate photography is a valuable service that can drive new business, promising partnerships, and higher applicant turnout if used well by your company. Below are just some of the benefits that your company can enjoy by hiring a professional corporate photography provider.

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Stronger Company Brand

With websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and even the Metaverse becoming the primary portals through which potential hires and business partners first see your company, having photos that tell the story of your of your company while also embodying the kind of culture you have is an important part of crafting the online presence that you want to see. Professional corporate photography can do precisely that.

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Wider Reach

Did you know that 95% of businesses use social media during their hiring process? Companies with a stronger online brand can experience the benefits of effective socials such as a higher number of quality applicants. By investing in the services of a corporate photography company, you can assert yourself better on websites like LinkedIn, which is deemed as the most effective website for job hunting and business contacts by 73% of job hunters.

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Better Credibility

Reputation is everything when it comes to building a corporate presence online. With job seekers becoming more discerning, it’s been shown that 69% of job seekers would rather turn down a job offer from a bad or untrustworthy company– even if they are unemployed! Keep in mind that untrustworthy does not always mean bad reviews– it can also mean a lack of resources regarding the company.

By taking the time to cultivate a social media presence that includes professional corporate photography, you can employ visual storytelling to let job seekers know more about your company culture, as well as the job opportunities available for them.

Invest in Professional Corporate Photography

Take charge of your company’s online presence by investing in high-quality corporate photography. Our team of experienced professionals can use their styling, photography, and post-processing skills to help you tell the story you want to share about your company online. Reach out to us today and tell us more about your company and concept!

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Why Hire Us as Your Corporate Photography Company of Choice?

Our team has had plenty of experience when it comes to providing corporate photography services. We love being able to partner with companies in order to take photos that best capture who they are behind the screen. No two companies possess the same vibe and culture, so as a corporate photography studio, we are sure we can capture the essence of your team– no matter how different.

By availing of our corporate photography service, you and your chosen team members can experience an all-in-one corporate photography solution. From styling to photography, and finally post-processing for sleek and polished photos, you can count on us to have your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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