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For many photographers, providing a product photography service is one of the harder jobs that they can take on. This is because a lot of work goes into thinking up creative ideas for product photography. Not every product shoot idea can make a product look good, so it is always important for the photographer to get to know the product beforehand. Only then can they brainstorm a product photo idea that suits the category of the item, as well as the image that the brand wants to present. In this article, we will go over some interesting product photoshoot ideas that you can use to showcase only the best that your brand or client has to offer.

Hang On, How Do I Know Which One Works for the Product I’m Shooting?

When it comes to thinking of product photo ideas, there are a number of things to consider. From color theory and how it evokes certain human emotions, to the composition of a piece and how it tells a story for your target market—all of these can help you gain a better understanding of the best photography idea for products you need to shoot. Below are some examples of product shoot ideas that have been styled and executed to perfection.

The Perfect Buyer

Model carrying a basket of fruits

And no, perfect does not mean flawless. It simply means that the model you choose to include in your product photo idea should be one that accurately captures your target market. Models of all sizes, ethnicities, and beauty standards present the buyer with someone that they can identify with. Not only does this showcase the product in a manner that feels real and authentic—it also paints the picture of a diverse and progressive brand.

Use This Product Photo Idea For: Products under the clothing and makeup category can benefit greatly from showcasing a diverse cast of models. What is most important is being able to represent your customer base both accurately and diversely.

In All Things, Balance

A perfectly balanced or symmetrical photo makes for a creative idea for product photography. It creates visual interest, while also being a perfect vehicle to showcase products with different variants in similar packaging. Products in identical packaging save for their indicated flavor, color, and scent are great examples of products that can stand to gain from this type of photo shoot idea. Nail the Zen look with photos that feature interesting props in a repeating pattern, juxtaposed with the identical products. On the other hand, using repeating props also draws the eye to a visual focal point, which can be the product in question.

This Product Shoot Idea is Great For: Makeup items in different shades, or food in different flavors. It may also work to showcase items that may look otherwise plain on their own.

Asymmetry is Key

Well, not always. But in the right composition and for the right product, asymmetry can cause a product photo to stand out among other print or digital ads and marketing material that might feature more conventional arrangements. While others may think it too risky, asymmetry is actually a great product photo shoot idea when executed well, so don’t knock it until you try it. Asymmetry lends a stylized look for a creative product photography idea because it allows a product (or several!) to shine even with a less choreographed look.

Execute This Photography Idea for Products Like: Culinary creations, cosmetics, and jewelry or accessories. Flat lays of food, accessories, and cosmetics are more interesting when there is an element of asymmetry to the composition because it removes the rigidity from the products themselves. This is also a great product shoot idea if the photos will be used in large store displays or print media, as physical stores usually carry similar dimensions due to leasing. The asymmetrical nature of the products naturally draws the eye of passerby because of how it differs from the visual norm within stores.

Use the Elements to Your Advantage

Water, earth, fire, air. By introducing these elements to your product photoshoot ideas, you can totally transform the vibe of your photo. The introduction of dirt or leaves can add a more natural feel to your shoot, while elements like sprayed water, seafoam, or even splashes and bubbles evoke feelings like cooling or refreshing properties. Smoke creates an ethereal or mysterious appearance depending on the colors used, while fire can create a fierce or passionate ambiance for the average beholder. The use of elements in your photos can work wonders for how enticing your image is.

This Product Photo Idea is Perfect For: Anything under the sun, literally. Make use of soil or grass for items like cosmetics or food to emphasize how ingredients are directly taken from nature. The introduction of pyrotechnics is great for fierce makeup or fashion shoots, but they also add a fiery touch for a shoot on char-grilled burgers or steaks. For the imaginative photographer, these elements can be a great vehicle to showcase a product’s best features.

Broken Pieces of a Whole

In Japan, the process of kintsugi is when the cracks of a broken piece of pottery or porcelain are inlayed with molten gold. This creates a more interesting and valuable piece than what was there before. Sometimes, including deconstructed or broken shots of our products allows potential customers to better appreciate their appeal. Crushed cosmetics like broken highlighter pans and blushes can show off the fine shimmer of the product, while smashed bottles or packaging can create moody or fun photos.

Execute this Product Shoot Idea When Capturing: Cosmetics, food, and beverages are all great candidates for this technique. Smashing bottles of liquid or cream cosmetics like nail polish, foundations, and even crème blushes and bronzers allow the viewer to see the shades in a way that is true to color, or how they would see it on their skin or body. On the other hand, deconstructed food can allow you to better appreciate the layers of hard work and ingredients that have gone into a dish! These five creative ideas for product photography are just the tip of the iceberg. We have no doubt that these photo shoot ideas can be your springboard for coming up with many more. Create the perfect product photography idea for your client or concept by mixing and matching our ideas with your own or get in touch with experts from Stellar Studios for professionally shot product photography ideas brought to life behind the lens!

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